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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Janey's visit July

At the Maranui SLC café on Friday. Very choppy in Lyall Bay and we watched one kite surfer zooming back and forth, and flying into the air.

Very blowy and we all copped a mouthful of sand getting back to the car.

Then we went looking for a new second hand back door - and found one a few metres from here. The building recyclers are adjusting it a little for us, then we'll paint it. It has some glass, to let more light in, and will lift the washhouse area.

Went into the city and Moore Wilson's after that, which Mish and Janey found hilarious.

Saturday we had a city moment in Cuba St. Strolling about, looking a clothes, buying a few things, having coffees, etc.
Then went for a walk at Seatoun. Practising 'running' from a tsunami.

At the end  of the peninsula, overlooking the entrance to Wellington Harbour.

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  1. Windy ole Wellington! A fun visit by Janey and to Cuba St too - yum. Jude