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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Weekend in Blenheim

Flew down (25 bumpy minutes) for last weekend and stayed at Sue and Phil's place. They're away so we drank their wine and burnt their firewood and cracked their walnuts and ate their mandarins and apples and generally had a rather lovely time.

Walking in the vines.

Drove down to Ohau Pt one day and checked out the seal nursery. Alpine scenery with snoz.

At the nursery baby seals frolick up river while the parents are out working. Bit dark in there so we didn't get a great shot of them, but loads of fun to watch them in the waterfall pool, being seals.

Stopped at Kekerengu store and had a stroll on what we call Mint Imperial Beach.

Lovely smooth white rocks, rolling around in the surf. Collected a few, of course. And now have them outside in circles.

Mish with her collection.

Vegetable gardens at the café using gabions and beach rocks.

Had the place to ourselves, and a seal that swam about at the water's edge for a bit.
Great views of the Kaikoura ranges all down the coast.

And a much smoother flight back to Wellington. This is Marlborough Sounds, looking north over Cook Strait.


  1. What a fabulous wee trip! Must go there myself - Marlborough Sounds and Blenheim. Jude

    1. I can thoroughly recommend it Jude. And if you do make sure you stop at The Store, Kekerengu (which is a cafe and backs right onto the beach where the white rocks come from.) Cheers M

  2. Thanks Michelle. I will remember to stop there! Jude