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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Zealandia, vegie planting, spaceships, and Christmas shopping

Spaceships first!
Lenticulars in the west on Saturday evening. Bonus blackbird on top of the bird feeder.

Saturday was a gorgeous day. Summery.

Mish and I took mum to Zealandia and we had a stroll along the lake; lots of kaka nesting and flying around the valley's hills. Heard lots of birds, didn't see many though - paradise shelduck monster ducklings snuffling the grass, haven't seen them before; nesting shags; and one saddleback.

A posing tuatara, our national liz - looking nobly prehistoric on a rock. He's got a leg over.

The end of Saturday, from the living room. Sun is way round on our horizon; summer solstice in two weeks! Hard to believe.

We've had some rain, now we'd all like a bit more summer.

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