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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mish and Adele - live in Wellington!

We've had summer and winter this week. We might get snow Christmas Day.

The weather is swinging between the two extremes; four seasons on Saturday. We had a gorgeous day in the city, pottering, buying stuff, eating, spotting AC/DC fans (easy). Checked out some cameras (a new DLSR is in the wind), the Met shop, books, consumer goods in general.

Mish bought some crunchy peanut butter from a hole in the wall in the new and funky Leeds and Eva Lanes. Several bands played and  stilt walkers entertained - good fun. And there's a chocolate factory. mmmmm.


mmm. Had a coffee in a bakery, same area.

Saturday night it poured and blew like blazes, right over the open air AC/DC concert in the city. The rain shorted their show for about half an hour. Dirty deeds!

At another concert - Adele live in Wellington! Well, not yet. How about: Adele live in London reflected in a Wellington living room window?

And Mish up a ladder with very tall flax flowers about to spring open with tui attracting flowers. She's having a quick gutter cleaning moment before heading to the airport and back to Sydney. After whipper snippering  and planting a lemon tree and another banksia. Time to go, dear...

And when they do open, this is the view from the kitchen.

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  1. How lovely to see and know all this. Makes us feel a little nearer to you! Merry Xmas to you too Carol! And to your family. Had a lovely chat with the Reid family on Saturday.