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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Seventeen years in the making..and the waiting is FINALLY over !!!

I don't believe it!

My clever girl has just uploaded her e-book Wollemi: The Pine, the Lady Bushranger and the Bioprospector.

I remember vividly when Carol was writing her early draft  - we were renting the old house below Mother and Dad's at Castle Hill and Lola was just a little puppy, cute as a button and running all around the house. I reckon she took inspiration from the wonderful Bunya Bunya pine that grew just outside her study.

I caught her moment of euphoria when she successfully uploaded it...

                                                and this is what she'd been waiting for...


Oh - and might I just add, cover design by Mish.


  1. Well done!!! Jude

  2. Congratulations Carol! And I have already successfully downloaded the book from smashwords and will read it in Costa Rica!