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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Still wintry but with blossoms

Cold, blowy and wet - but Wellington has loads of rhododendron and kowhai and magnolia flowering on the streets, and blossoms everywhere. But what a lousy weekend we've just had. Not the best weekend to be dog minding a boofy dog in our tiny house.

At least he knows how to get the paper.

 So we read that with cups of tea in bed and the electric blanket on this morning, cause the heating wouldn't crank up.

Still don't know what its problem was, but Mish fixed it, so I got out of bed about 12, into a warmer house with a fabulous fry up of bacon and eggs and veg mmm  mmm.

When we did get out between showers Rusty kept losing his ball...then we chucked it into the creek by accident.

A helpful labrador picked it up as it floated away and took it back it to his owner, and she tossed it to us across the creek, but it didn't quite make it.

This is Mish retrieving it from the middle
of a flax bush beside a creek.

It's a special ball, one of those ones that goes into a thrower, so we had to get it back. We did.

A bonus of this park is it has big gum trees, and they smelt divine.

Also got out to a couple of art galleries.

This is the Japanese garden at Pataka in Porirua, with azalea balls of colour under a colourless sky.

And a sidewalk power station in Miramar, where a keen local has painted a bookshelf of titles on the wall. Cause he could. Art in suburbia - it's very cool.

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