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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pretty full on weekend

Between Friday's farewell for Mark's mum and this evening's daylight-saved late sunset - phew.
Dave O was in town and so was sister Sue. Winter hung around but spring made an appearance.

Dave and I had a lovely walk (in showers and sunshine) at Otari Wilton's Bush. When I said 'hoi, stand over here under the kowhai', he obediently did. What with the kowhai having a bumper flowering year and the hills loaded with gorse in full flower, Wellington is awash in spring yellow (inc. pine pollen - mum's red car has a yellow coat when the wind sends pollen showers over from the neighbour's pine).

 Plenty of fern unfurling going on in the gardens.

And fat kereru fallumping around through the trees.

Saw one fast kaka zooming through. No weta; no eels. Next time! 

Admired the new eel signage; beautifully written with exactly the right tone and carefully chosen words to make you admire eels. (Unlike the other sign, over on the right of the page.) 

Here's Dave and me with a part of the cool sign. 'Twas drizzling.

Had a bit of noodle nosh up Cuba St and a very successful visit to bookshops in that part of town (between more showers). 

Sunday a lovely day, blazing sun and a cool breeze. We've just gone to daylight saving and the sun has set two minutes ago (7.22 pm) - nice. Love daylight saving.

Mum's pear tree - pretty as.

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