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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Longer, warmer days

A nice weekend just gone - had to do some watering for the first time since last summer. We haven't had much rain and things are starting to grow as the ground temperature warms. So, out with the buckets and the hose, and where's the connections?

We have one tap outside - ridiculous - and lousy water pressure. I set the tiny sprinkler to work and fertilised a few things to help them along. The four year old plum has its first load of blossoms - here's hoping for plums!

Had a birthday party today for the one year old niece, at the pleasantly rural Short Straw cafe (made out of straw bales). A lovely sunny day. Mum and Mia post cake and feeling fine.

Nephew Alex, falling with style.

And playing hairdresser.

Nephew Colton about to hula.

Niece Elizabeth (sitting still for a second), Ness, Mark and Alex, lounging in our party room.

Sunday night, again. Wind is coming up outside. Drying out all the plants I watered today...


  1. Good luck with the plums! Plum jam ... mmm. Jude

  2. My favourite. Fingers crossed - or else it's back over the hill to the plum orchard in the Waiarapa (not a bad second choice).