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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day weekend

Low key. Sue & Phil were up for some of the weekend, so we had a family dinner Friday night, and dice and card games - love 'em, not a Mish favourite though.

Cycled out to Pencarrow Head on Saturday - at the entrance to the harbour. Sunny but a bit windy. Just past the lighthouse had a flask of tea and the rest of the Crooked Creek cheese biscuits  (thanks John and Judy for sending Mish back with them!) Poked around on the beach on the way back, that's always good.

Photo is looking south, Pencarrow on the left, South Island faint on the horizon.

Pottered around Eastbourne shops and had some lunch, looked in a gallery, bought some books, had an ice cream, then Mish made me drive up in the local hills so she could check out some properties. Great views, but facing south and tucked into steep hills = sun challenged. Not for us.

I had another short cycle today (Sunday) while Mish went to look at a house 'just for fun'. I think we're gearing up for a move...

Had lunch with mum and a few other whanau, and  it is still warm enough for gin and tonics on the deck in the later afternoon, bathed by a pink orange sunset. As son as that sun goes down though - whooska! Inside.

whanau (far-now) = family group, extended family

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