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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Into May - still warm!

Days are pleasant, nights are warm; a balmy autumn so far. We have 100kph winds forecast and some gloom and rain for the rest of the week - oh well.

Looking west last night we saw an unusual cloud (jet trail going over it). Wind turbines languid.

And tonight we've made more peach chutney (end of the peach season and they are still yummy). Bought a kilo at the local Sunday market and they are now chutneyfied. Also scored a bag of free feijoas from the whanau and Mish has bottled them (our first time for that). A friend gave us some she'd done and they tasted just like fresh fruit (the only reason you'd want to bottle a fruit I reckon). So we got her extremely simple recipe and gave it a go.

Then I'd had enough of that and watched a couple of videos on The Art of Photography MOOC I'm doing from RMIT. Learning a few things too.

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