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Monday, March 16, 2015

First night with the heater on, but ooh aah, the week before ...

Yes, tonight we're in with homemade chicken soup and the end of Cyclone Pam. She is passing down NZ's east coast and belting Newlands with cold rain and wind this evening. Some damage up north but nothing like the wrecked homes in Vanuatu.

Mish flew out to Sydney last Tuesday morning and the sun was just up by the time I'd driven from the airport around to Petone. Had a walk on the beach before getting to work a bit after seven. So calm.

Looking south to the airport; city lights on the right.

Sunday afternoon I got my retro deck chair and sat in front of the hebe and watched bugs, bees, birds and butterflies having a grand old time in and out of the flowers. Rescued a couple of cicada from webs; watched some little copper butterflies and a red emperor getting nectar; a monarch flew by; innumerable bees in there too - honey bees and bumble bees; and, I kid you not, some blue arsed flies. Must look them up; didn't know there was such a thing. It was really lovely and warm and peaceful: no cars, no mowers, no wind - just hebe contemplation.

Wellington had another dolphin event yesterday. Headed over to pick Mish up from the airport in the evening and found a load of rubberneckers watching about 60 dolphins in Evans Bay. They like to herd the fish into the bay towards the airport and then knock them off. Cornered. What fun!

So, very glad Mish isn't flying in tonight, it's rough out there and there would be bouncing upsy daisies. This the first night we've turned the heating on since last year.


  1. A touch of Autumn in Sydney has arrived - stay warm. Jude

    1. Thanks Jude, I was in Sydney last week. Definitely more than a touch of Autumn here now that I'm back in Welly - the remnants of hurricane Pam are here bringing coolth and much needed rain.
      Most welcome! cheers. Mischa.