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Monday, March 9, 2015

Finally we have a downpour

On the same day sprinklers were banned in Wellington. It was good rain too, lots if it - the gutters couldn't cope type rain. But steady for hours so we had soakage, hooray!

We delivered the big green lounge into the city Saturday morning to its new owner. Mish being brave. Then went next door to Moore Wilsons, which is MAD on Saturday mornings with Wellingtonians buying their deli supplies. Here's one at (one of her) favourite counters.

Bought some award winning marmalade from a NZ couple who just won gold at a prestigious marmalade get together in the UK with their tangelo and smoked paprika. Didn't buy that, we took home their silver medal winner: tangelo with star anise. Yummy; quite the flavour combo on that walnut and honey stick Mish is buying here.

Sunday went for a pleasant sunny cycle around Miramar Peninsula as it was a no car day; then a cool sea swim in the harbour.

And Sunday night took the niece to the netball, Wellington's team the Central Pulse vs the Queensland Firebirds.

Arlene and Lizzy before the game...

...and later in the game.

Oh well, it was a good game, and they didn't get thrashed, just outplayed, and we did get to see the legendary smiling assassin in action, Irene Van Dyk.

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