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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Calm autumn days

Jane and Nicola dropped in for a day and we ran around Wellington and walked the waterfront and drove up to Mt Vic for the big view - where it was windless. Had a lovely visit guys! Did the outdoors shops around the library, and Gubbs shoes and Unity Books, always good, and had dinner at Rasa in upper Cuba St - all without a photo so sorry about that. Try this one instead:

These are big mozzie like things that sometimes fly around here; don't know what they are but this evening we are getting more of them haha!

And here's a couple of shots taken on Te Horo Beach last weekend. Said to Mish: draw a Spanish galleon, so she did.

 And if it looks dotty and indeterminate open the blog in Google Chrome (not that photo wrecking Internet Explorer) and you'll see cannon portals and pennants fluttering and a dolphin surfing the bow wave.

So, it's now another lovely evening in Welly...the sun's just about setting behind Mt Kaukau and it's a comfortable 22 degrees in here. Had tacos for tea, made a helluva mess eating them (as usual), and am now in the comfy Lazyboy and feeling no pain. 
Might watch some junk tv...

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  1. The sand galleon looks fabulous. Jude