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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dinner and a movie (short)

Family dinner (some of them anyway) in Miramar tonight. Tried a slow cooker recipe for the first time: carrots, marmalade & mint. Went very nicely with the stew contribution; it's pretty cool at the moment. But, Skyped the niece in Germany and it's not as cool as there haha. Minuses and getting colder.

Popped around the corner to Mirmar's Roxy cinema - an oldie which has been beautifully done up - and watched a 15 minute audiovisual summary of the first two Hobbit films projected onto the theatre building. Quite a few people outside in the drizzle, and it was fabulous.

The countdown to the show; played to a small crowd.

Nice and loud, heroic Hobbit soundtrack. Walking the high road.

And battling all sorts of bad guys.

Inc. dragons, ogres, orcs, goblins.


  1. What a fab looking cinema! And a great idea to project Hobbit excerpts on the exterior. Jude

    1. It was a great idea. A gorgeous cinema; as is the Embassy in the city, another old cinema brought plushly back to its glamour days. The town is mad for the Hobbit - it opened today - the end of the Tolkien set for Jackson and NZ film.