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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Around town, Christmas shopping

Waterfront market, BBQ goat with green tea noodles was delicious. People make food trucks out of anything - love it.

Wellington railway station, with its 13 metre Doric columns decked out in Christmas candy. It's a lovely old building with a vaulted ceiling and a quirky ladies' waiting room; Nigella Lawson did a chocolate ad in the main hall in May. Chocolate maker Whittaker's (up the north road about 10km from here) in full support of the domestic goddess. They have a sensational website - if you like chocolate it's well worth a look.

And today, a bit of sunny Christmas shopping while Mish was a work -  something for moi!  NZ threepences, pre decimal currency; design is the mere, Maori war club - you wouldn't get up from a tap with one of them, especially a greenstone one.

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  1. Great recycling idea to make earrings out of old coins! Merry Christmas Carol & Mish.