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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sun, hail, wind: outside with t-shirts and windstopper jackets

A maritime climate!

Had a great little cycle on Saturday, just a level jaunt along Kenepuru Stream. Had a picnic at the end at Porirua, just before the stream empties into Paremata Harbour, and watched the hopeful whitebaiters out with their nets. No-one was catching anything.

Cycled back in sunshine, drove through rain on the way home, and found this when we got there:

Hail. And pockets of hail in the renga renga lilies:

Another lovely day today. Did the fruit and veg market, a week's supply for two for less than $20 haha. Mum came over for lunch; did a couple of hours in the garden organising the herbs inside beach rock gardens, (or, as the Americans say, the 'erbs); and did a couple of hours study on an adult literacy course I've just started. Still managed an hour reading a trashy sci fi ripper in the afternoon sun before Mish came home with a day's worth of Bunnings stories. All in all, rather a nice Sunday.

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