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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Driving home around the harbour

Stopped at the beach for a walk. It started to drizzle so I watched the seagulls for a bit, diving in from a floating position. They lifted straight up in the air about two feet and then plunged in, grabbing little fishes that had been tickling their feet.

The harbour was pretty much fogged in and all you could see was a ghostly outline of  Matiu/Somes Island and the sailing ship that comes in every now and then.

Blowy up here tonight. House is shaking a wee bit. Mish made Jamie's onion soup, perfect on a cold night, and we've scoffed it and are now settling in with the paper and a spot of mindless tv.


  1. Not a seagull, but probably a southern giant petrel, a cousin of seagull. Jude

  2. Did you look that up on SCIS? Nope, it's a seagull. The grey brown ones are the babies; they go white and black as adults.

  3. Okay, wasn't wearing my glasses ;-) My error, not SCIS, as they don't rate a heading