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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Slightly warmer weather, longer days, blossoms everywhere, and ducklings at work - spring is in the Wellington breezes. Mish has almost finished the fish sculpture; that's news. She had a breakthrough in design and a 'just do it' moment and OMG we moved on! I came home from work particularly pooped one day, collapsed on the couch, and after a wee nap looked up and saw this out the window:

Called for the point and shoot, which was dutifully delivered, I didn't even have to get up, and shot it from my prostrate position on the couch, head still on a cushion. The spine and tail aren't yet perfect, so the full bodied fish shot is still coming. (The apsara dancer, from a dusty shop in Siem Reap, sits on the window sill in the living room.)

Mischa's old pal Sally arrived yesterday for a week. They've pottered around town today: cafes, art galleries, Moore Wilsons deli. A lovely sunny spring day.

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