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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Green lipped mussels for tea

And yumbo they were good.
Fresh mussels, mmm mmm. Mish and Sal bought them at Moore Wilsons ($5 for dinner for three). Sal lightly scrubbed the shells and then she and Mish concocted. This is what they told me they did (I was reading the paper).
Sauted onion in garlic, added verjuice and chicken stock, lemon thyme, thyme, smidgen of silverbeet, crushed bayleaf, pepper. Infused. When onion softened, cranked up the heat, put the mussels in and stood back for about seven minutes, until they opened. Once they're open, they're done. Dished up in bowls with crusty bread.

Followed by bread and butter pudding with raspberries and hokey pokey ice cream. Oh yeah.

Before the feast.


After the feast.


  1. Nope. Had leftover Greek lamb tonight though - it is spring in NZ, poor lambs. How's the new digs?

  2. Relaxing including the train commute. Did Greek lamb for my sis who stayed Saturday night - my first overnight visitor. Spring is in the air ...