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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sally's visit

Sal and I made pumpkin and feta ravioli the other morning. We used the last punkin' that Carol grew from last season - gee it had a fantastic taste! 'Twas lots of fun. We topped it off with  garlic and chilli sage butter...and salad on the side..mmmmmmm.

Carol takes over:

Mish and Sal have seen the sights the last few days, up the coast, over to Eastbourne, into the city, out to the Hutt, art galleries and cafes...etc.

Mish went to work today and Sal and I had a most relaxing day, just us and the grey sky and the wind and clouds and some books and Sal's school reports.

Made crackers for the first time today (not successful, they are like squashed scones, so will roll out flatter next time). Also made dukkah and that was successful; good fun to make with the toasting of sesame seeds and the heating of coriander and cumin seeds - so the house came over all spicey odiferous - then the grinding of spices in Mischa's mortar and pestle. Mmm mmm. With a good NZ olive oil, we do lots of them now, and crusty Italian bread.

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  1. Hello lovely to think of you hanging out with Sal for a week! Lucky ducks!! the Ravioli looks absolutely divine...arn't you clever! Spring is finally here too and not a moment too soon...its been unbelievably cold in Canberra and has not stopped raining in Bundanoon for weeks! But Bell turned 19 at the weekend, the weather was divine and the whole family came up to celebrate...she's off to Canada next month so it was kinda a farewell too. We leave on the 25th of really looking forward to my first real break in 15 years. Julian is coming with us and then he and I are going onto New York to see my friend Jody. I cant wait to come and see you next trip for sure! No luck selling Bundanoon so far....but the weather has not been in my favour so maybe things will start to move now Spring is here. Love reading the blog and catching up on your news. Lots of love Merran xxxx