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Sunday, August 3, 2014


Looked at a house today in Otaihanga (and yes you Aussies, you would have to learn how to pronounce it) - up the line, on the coast and near a river, about 40 minutes north of Wellington.

Thinking about it tonight - 1971 tired 3 bedroom house, needs the Mish touch and an extension; but great backyard with established trees and all the things we can't grow here. Tamarillos! It's warmer and calmer there.

Mish is in full researching flight: mortgage broker, real estate  seller, lawyer, building inspection, putting Newlands on the market,  and so on. Sketching and measuring (goes without saying haha).

Unfortunately, she is back at Bunnings tomorrow and research will have to wait a WHOLE DAY. Can she do it?!


  1. Best wishes with your research and decision making. Sounds like a great idea. 3 weeks for my move to the Gong. Jude

  2. Jude goes south! There must be packing.

  3. The old place will be chock full of boxes soon. I might be sleeping in one! Jude