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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Back to work Monday

Had a week off with the bronchitis. Still coughing a bit but feeling reasonable. Had to make my own chicken soup yesterday. Honestly, where's my chef?!

I have been making the yummiest banana smoothies with almond milk, lemon yoghurt, honey and a whack of cinnamon. Divine. Meal in a glass.

Being an invalid - what a waste of a beautiful weekend just gone. Sunny and calm, it would have been nice to be out and about. But, I laid low with my germs and slept and stayed away from family and started the MOOC (see previous post). Even wrote some poetry for it, for the first time in ages (not very good poetry, but it can only get better as the six week online course goes on).

Succumbed to loneliness this evening though and went around to mum's with Mark and Ness and had a slap up feed of Bluff oysters and fried fish and home-made chips. Yumbo. Getting tired of my own company. I might even be getting a little weary of crackers - now that is something for the books.

But...Mish is packing!

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  1. Hello sorry to hear you are poorly! It was so great to catch up with Mish...your gain is our loss :( Hope to come and see you both in September...hoping you get rid of that nasty chest thing very soon....take the best of care my darling girls xxx Merran