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Monday, June 23, 2014

Blenheim weekend

Just about over now - but I did give myself three days. Took the ferry over to Picton Saturday morning, cool and grey; windy as blazes for about an hour in the middle (blew me along the deck).

Me and a hardy young guy out there with the albatrosses. The big ferry cut through the whitecaps and got to Picton feeling fine.

Sue and Phil picked me up and we went out to the Queen Charlotte track - Phil put his running gear on and shot off,  and Sue and I strolled a couple of km to the first beach. That's our cheesy selves at right.

Sunday we went down the coast to a seal nursery. Cute as a button baby seals, parked by their parents in a culvert and river that empties onto the Kaikoura coast. There were about 40 of them cavorting in the rock pools, and having an especially wonderful time up at the waterfall. No sharks up there. 

Then back up the road to a cafe where Sue had to fix the fire. 

And on to a Blenheim lookout, where we got limed by a top dressing plane.

Got thrashed at Scrabble, watched some soccer and the All Blacks defeat England Saturday night. Had home crafted pizzas and pasta and a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.

Flew back Monday morning, sitting just behind the pilot - a beautiful day both sides of Cook Strait. 

Walked through the city and caught a bus home. Having a cruisy day off now, enjoying the sun and a Californian radio station playing 90's music - some of that was pretty good.

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  1. Way to go! Love the Queen Charlotte Track and the Sound. Jude