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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Saturday on Matiu/Somes Island

And what a lovely day it was. Gillian was in town and the three of us spent a few hours on Wellington Harbour's main island. That's a 20 minute ferry ride from the city. It has been a quarantine station, for animals and people, and a military lookout as it is directly opposite the harbour entrance. Now it is a wildlife sanctuary.

Wandered around and had a picnic lunch at the highest point. Didn't see much wildlife - wheeling gulls, one giant weta, no tuatara (NZ's dinosaur relic lizard), lots of kakariki (endangered parrot). But it was fun!

Back at Queen's Wharf, had a drink at one of the bars and a pot of mussels cooked in white wine yum yum, home for a rest then out to Greg and Rowan's for delicious chicken dinner. They beat us at Articulate (how did THAT happen)?! That's a cool word game for language lovers.

Another great day today - shame Mish has to work on these warm calm autumn days. Watched niece Liz run at an athletics carnival and took Gillian for a stroll up to the Ataturk memorial. Nice day for a kayak - wish I had one...

Three photos follow, they're looking a tad patchy to me. Like they are over sharpened, but they are only lightened a bit. Will investigate.

On Somes, looking back to the city.

Radiata pine on Somes, showing the way the wind blows - norwest.

Container ship coming in; looking south out to harbour entrance.

1 comment:

  1. Susan, you're a riot! I love those kitty pics. The great thing about catnip is you can laugh at your cat (when she's under the influence) and she doesn't get offended and walk away!

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