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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Carol's new svelte look

True to her promise Carol got 'shaved for a cure' today. She and four other brave workmates at the Open Polytech did the deed at lunchtime (= more opportunity for gawking). It was a gloriously hot day and quite a crowd gathered to watch the spectacle. Carol's sister Arlene came along as a local celebrity and for moral support too.

The group has raised nearly $4000.00 - quite fantastic. So good on all of you that have donated to Carol's kitty, its nearly at $900.00. Yay!

Will post more pics of Carol's 1970's lurid purple wig that she is going to wear at work as a dare (tune in next week).

Note no mirrors around...

In case you want to know - I can vouch it feels REALLY spiky (Carol has hair as tough as steel wool)

Carol waxing lyrical as Hutt newspaper reporter hangs off every word

1 comment:

  1. Good on you Carol! The comb gets a rest for a while. Jude