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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The weekend!

Mish had a fun day Friday, as an extra in a docudrama about one of NZ's famous legal cases - she was the foreperson of the jury with a one word script: 'guilty!'. That took all day. Friday night we had a slap-up feed with Aaron and Michelle, Aussie friends who live on a boat in the harbour. Motored over to Matiu/Somes and anchored before the sun set over the city.

Mish on BBQ duty; me on a fishing line. No joy there, so steak for dinner.
Magic evening. As it got darker some penguins went by. The penguins coming home to the island for the night kicked up a helluva racket, hooting 'n' hollering. It was like a forest of howler monkeys over there, so loud.
Saturday we had a whole day to ourselves. Gosh, what to do: chores, tech stuff, house stuff...? Let's go OUT! Had breakfast in a local marina and kept heading north  to - you guessed it - our favourite driftwood beach - Te Horo. Driftwood capital of the world.

Looking south to Kapiti Island.
Pottered around there for an hour or so - beach now has a few less rocks and pieces of wood - and headed up to Otaki for a spot of merino shopping. Clothes, not the sheep.

Sunday morning; Mish has just gone to work and I'm off to Cliff's place for another family firewood day. Chainsaw, carry, spilt, stack, lunch - that kind of thing. Grey old day, but still warm.

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