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Friday, March 14, 2014


It's NZ festival time and we've been to a couple of things.
Tuesday night we walked through a great sound and light show
in the botanical gardens. Rode up from the CBD in the cable car
and one of the tunnels had a kaleidoscope of lights playing across the
tunnel interior as we went through - spacey! Couldn't take photos
of the installations, but a quick description of the best: the
primordial red forest of ferns with rising steam;  long, straight
 wires set up to mimic the leap to light speed as seen in Star Wars; 
kero torches in a lake, popping  like airguns; a crimson forest of
crepe myrtles; people looking like amoebas as they walked towards
a light; and old phonograph players that ran a crackly needle over
a record of broken glass while white lights zoomed around us on the ground. Fab.

Last night we went into Zealandia and had a picnic tea.
Zealandia is Wellington city's bird and animal sanctuary.
It's a fenced area around an old reservoir that is being returned
to pre European bush conditions over the next
500 years or so. Didn't see much, but almost had the place
to ourselves - it was us and the kaka.

Here's our cheesy selves at the lower end of the reservoir.

Tonight - Friday, yay! - had dinner with mum and we're now
in the clouds. Cyclone Lusi is pushing down from Fiji and
expected to give us a monster swell and some wind
and rain over the weekend.


  1. Your 'fan' shaped bone - It is an Omoplate of a cetacean. A shoulder plate from a very rare deep sea prehistoric killer robotic diving kitten. Very rare. They hunt in packs of one and stalk their prey with sonar and hand gestures. A side note, you were at the Wellington BOTANIC gardens, not Botanical.

    1. I'm being EDITED by my little brother?!

    2. Who would have thought. Actually, you were edited by Rowan. She corrected me first - you were just for sport!
      BTW - Love the new haircut. Sweet 'do.

  2. Hi Girls...what a lovely photo of you both! Wow Friday night sounded amazing!! sure beats watching the grass grow in Bundanoon!! Glad to see you both looking so well...missing you heaps Merran xx

    1. Hello m'dear - how is that troublesome foot? Lots of love from Mishy and moi

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.