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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Government House open day

That was Saturday - cool but sunny - so off we went across town to have a sticky beak at where the GG resides. Strolled the banquet hall and the guest rooms and the library and the conservatory etc. Admired landscaping and a convict built wall (yes we had 'em but they were home grown convicts, not transported).

We lounged on the lawn with a coffee and listened to one of the school pipe bands for a bit. Then headed off to the Newtown markets for some fruit & veg shopping and lunch.

Mish works Sunday and Monday now, so I pottered around the yard on Sunday - pulled up the beans and some spuds and the evermore zucchini (not planting so many of those next time). Planted more beans and peas and garlic yum yum. Etc. It's a nice wee veg patch to potter in, and we're harvesting more than we've done in bigger patches.

Tonight there's a storm coming up from the South Island, but at the moment we only have a bit of wind and rain, and there goes a plane overhead, they're still landing. Lyall Bay was pretty foamy tonight, seas up onto the footpath and the Picton ferries are cancelled, but all is calm in Newlands so far.

Conifer garden on main drive

Mish on the front lawn 
Pohutakawa with Mish and aerial roots

At Government House, one of NZ's first squash courts has been upcycled into a theatre. 

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