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Monday, February 3, 2014

Summer's in the system

Gorgeous here. Clear air and warm temps.
The sun has just set (8.30) beyond Mt Kaukau and there's a crescent moon hanging in the west. We've been watching a dolphin feeding frenzy in Evans Bay, through the telescope. They herd fish in to the airport end of the bay, and then tuck in. We patiently waited for orcas to follow - ready to leap in the car and go down for a closer look - but no luck. Yet to see orcas, though loads of others see them in and around Wellington regularly.

Blazing sunshine over the weekend. Took in the Chaffers food market with Kerry and Sue, who were in town for the weekend from Sydney. Walked out to Point Dorset and Mish took them up Kaukau today, noting that no wind turbine was turning...

Ducking out to water the lawn, can you believe it? Fancy watering a lawn. Misha's turf is having a brown moment.

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