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Monday, November 11, 2013

Why do spiders hang out in cars?

At least in Wellington they are not big ugly spuds (that's the huntsman I'm thinking of - they LOVE Sydney cars don't they?). This is just a widdle one, about 2cm long - a jumping striped arachnid. Hence the long front legs - ping! Quite pretty, if you like spiders. I was reading the paper in the van, waiting for Mish and this one appeared on the dashboard.

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  1. Cars are dry, warm and protection from spider enemies (except humans), that's why they like them ... and they are often parked near other spider haunts such as trees, eaves, etc. Am reminded of the huntsman that appeared on the dashboard as I was driving to work. Thank goodness for a red light, when I shuffled the unlucky beastie out the door and onto the road. Whew! Jude