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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Guy Fawkes and Melbourne Cup day

What a cracker of an evening it was for fireworks!

Calm and clear and warm. The clan gathered here, with rockets and Roman candles and whooshkas, and we had a sparkling evening with Mish-made hamburgers and lots of yummy food. We had the best rockets around and, because we're on a lofty hill, half of Wellington probably saw them exploding high.

And what a change today. Wintry cold, blowy, raining...we wuz lucky!

Melbourne Cup is big here, but it's not the same as the race is run at 5pm NZ time. That kind of dampens enthusiasm for the office sweepstake and mad hat wearing; people are heading home at race time. The supermarket did empty at 4.45, so that's a similar response. We watched at home and won a few dollars on one of the sweepstakes.

Now, how about this for a variation on reading tea leaves? Making the morning cuppa last week and the little teapot dripped like it does every morning - ho hum - but on this morning tea spread out on the stainless steel bench like a map of NZ in a blue sea. Featuring, as Mish said, the Bay of Islands.

Meanwhile, down in the city...

At the entrance to Te Papa last weekend. Two tape artists were working on a mural for the Mexican Day of the Dead. Neat, eh? All done with coloured masking tape and gone in 24 hours.

Across the road from Te Papa (yes, a lot of cool stuff happens in that part of town), another couple of street artists have created a more enduring mural of quirky sharks. This is about a third of it - it looks great. It's  a protest against NZ still allowing the disgusting practice of shark finning. We're working on that.


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