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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Seasons in a maritime climate

Technically, it's late spring. It is definitely warmer - days and nights - but we have some days summer then some winter some spring some autumnal. We won't be putting away the thermals just yet. Heater is on tonight.

NZ is watching football (the one with the round ball) at the moment. The NZ soccer team the All Whites are in Mexico today to try and get a place in the next World Cup. Then, next week they play Mexico in Wellington and I've got tickets! It'll be our first time in the cake tin, Wellington's stadium, and it is going to be a huge night I think.

Must practise the NZ national anthem in Maori.

Kupe, legendary explorer, with wife and tohunga, sights Aotearoa. Sculpture is down on the waterfront and is 'a tribute to all who have come to these shores'. I like it as it was on a 1940s stamp when I started collecting in the 1960s, and dad gave me his boyhood collection with one of these in it.

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