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Thursday, November 21, 2013

At the soccer: NZ vs Mexico World Cup play off

Nope. 4-2 to them.

But, we had a good time. Caught the train in and walked from Wellington station up a ramp and into the stadium - what a breeze. Got our junk food and plonked into fabulous seats in the stadium. It was a sell out - 35,000 there last night, nearly everyone in white as the NZ national soccer team are the All Whites.  It was a warm calm night which was nice - cause we all know that Wellington can really turn it on, ahem.

A sprinkling of sombreros and green and red outfits gathered in spots around the stadium. One group near us tried to get a Mexican wave going mid game, and tried and raggedly tried, and then it caught and around she went - woohoo! A real one - with Mexicans!

'Twas a reasonably watchable game, no sustained brilliance there but lots of shouting and cheering and chanting from a loud and enthusiastic crowd. And we did behave as befits a host country too; NZ can get stupid about winning sometimes, booing the other side and putting out rubbish behaviour that is embarrassingly unsporting. I did get beer down my back - that seems to happen to me at footy games...

So here's a couple of images - not much chop with the point and shoot, sorry about that. I did like the cumulus rising between the lights - the one cloud in a perfect blue sky.

Our goalie just about to punch it away.

Best of a bad lot of self portraits. Have taken to wearing glasses for distance since my second cataract op two months back. Can read without glasses now, but there's always a pay off, eh? Brain is still balancing what the eyes are seeing (apparently). Mish looking gorgeous at the game.

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  1. Hello darling girls...I love that photo of you both at the game! You both look gorgeous!! Not much to report here but glad to hear that you are both well... am soooo looking forward to seeing you in the New Year! lots and lots of love Merran