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Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday afternoon on Petone Beach

Waiting for Mish to finish work and pick me up this afternoon; wandered through Petone and down to the beach. A nice warm afternoon - but the wind has picked up tonight and is buffeting the house. Had yummy Vietnamese for dinner; we're working our way through the Petone collection of eats. A different  place every Friday night. Fabulous Turkish last week - Wellington had rubbish Turkish up to about a decade ago, but now it is good enough to eat! The best falafel ever last week (at Kilim - would love to take visitors there).

Petone wharf, looking towards the city. Cross processed. These guys had been in - but it's still  a tad chilly for that in these here parts.

Part of a seaweed and fish metal sculpture that encircles a toilet block by the beach. Pretties it up.

Tui and red hot poker getting along jest fine in the back yard. Success: this is why Mish planted them. Tuis have a necklace of lace-like feathers and a white bob of feathers at the front - and they sing and whistle and gurgle and 'talk' like pan flutes.  Beautiful big birds with personality.

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  1. I want to go to Kilim!!!!! take me there!! One day maybe ...glad to hear that you are both well and happy...I love that seaweed sculpture...reminds me a little of Mishy's girls...what do you know of the Wanaka Ortago part of NZ?? Yesterday it was 33 today its 9....stupid crazy canberra weather! xxxx Merran