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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A balmy Tuesday afternoon

Looking west over the red hot pokers. You can just see a smidgen of the South Island off the top right rim of the wine glass (loaded with a Marlborough sauvignon of course). Had dinner outside this evening as it is very mild. 
More orcas in the harbour today; they came right up to the waterfront yesterday. We are yet to see...And the aurora too has been playing in the south; again, haven't caught that yet from the living room. One night...
Mish came back with a bad cold, so she is coughy snuffly around the house. Thank you, Sydney. Our clean air should set her right toot sweet. We're amusing tonight ourselves making red hot poker mosaics which will be stepping stones for the front garden. Good fun, and we may have actually found a project we can do together without disagreement. So far, we play very nicely doing mosaics.
Pics will be posted when they are in situ!

1 comment:

  1. Get better soon Mish. It sure has been wet and windy in Sydney! Am looking forward to seeing the mosaics. Jude