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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Daylight saving and spring is in the air

Michelia yunnanensis (a drippy moment at the Wellington Botanical Garden today).
Hi everyone, nice to be back!.
Thanks for your best wishes since I broke my scruddy little scaphoids July 30 - two months ago. My, how time flies when you're having fun. Was so glad to get the casts sawn off, especially when there was some discussion at the hospital about putting on a new pair after I was re-xrayed. Nooooooo. But praise be, I am nicely lined up, apparently. Now I have ongoing hand therapy, a removable splint, and an increasing amount of movement in both hands. And I can drive. Hooray!
Hands are so good in fact that I put my camera in my pocket for a jolly jaunt to the botanical gardens today. See above. We hung out amongst the tulips for a bit, had a Dutch sausage sandwich (yum), a stroll through the gardens - lots of spring behaviours going on in there.
An unusual green white tulip - very nice.
Then we drove around the harbour and had a walk along a ridge top walk over at Miramar peninsula. That was pleasant, until a little plane took off from the airport heading north beside us - and suddenly its engine cut out. We were on the path with another woman and we all froze and watched as it got lower. And lower. Going into the drink. Lower. Then away went the engine and up she went. Got back to Mark and Nessa's for a cup of tea and they told us little planes do that all the time on the weekend - practising stalling. OMG.
In other good news (we didn't witness a plane ditching in the harbour today), I had a cataract op last week and am typing this WITHOUT GLASSES! Woohoo! So good. Blurry long distance vision but that is getting better. And the cloudiness has gone of course.
So today - the long afternoon of our first spring daylight saving Sunday - is the first day in two months that I don't feel like an invalid. Even made Mish dinner. (She's pretty thrilled too.)


  1. Welcome back Carol! Jude

    1. Welcome back Jude!! You've been quiet, but I thought you'd be out there, swanning around O street and reading the blog on the sly. Hope all's well.

  2. Yep still swanning around O street. Trying to get the gels out to lunch as it's Good Food Month in Sydney. We're spoiled for choice of good eateries and cafes nearby. Quite a change from Ryde!

  3. Hi glad to read the Blog and have you back in the saddle Carol!!! Yippeeyeohhhh....Its certainly Spring here...we have days of 30 followed by 15 then maybe dropping down to 10 then up to 30 again...holy moly...its a blinking rollercoaster! Took Miss Bella to Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson concert last weekend for her 18th birthday it was so unbeliveably fantastic I'm still singing his songs... in my head, first time in years I've been to a concert so I was sooo happy to be there! Bell sits the HSC next its a little bit tense at home! Hannah's final exams start mid of its a bit tense up in Sydney!! Work is full on and fortunately I didnt loose my job with the change of Government which for a few weeks was definitely on the cards so PHEW to that! All the kids are good...still waiting for the Army to give Julian the all clear though which is taking its toll on me and him lol!! Tulips...ahh favorite flowers!! I love that photo....Yep Daylight Saving gotta love it....I'm up in the dark though but its really nice to drive home in the daylight! Lots and lots of love to you both....missing you xxxxxxxx