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Monday, October 14, 2013

Windy as blazes

Wellington is coping it again tonight. Wild outside.

Scaffolding blown off a building in town, a couple of vans blown over on the motorway, trees down, airport closed, etc. The roof of the Newlands College hall blown off. The usual. A bit of rain, but not cold.

Harbour was full of mist and spray lifted into the air this afternoon - most interesting. Not so much willy willys, just wind blown spray - sweeping in criss cross waterfalls across the harbour. The summer cruise ships have started to arrive. This will be a nasty shock to the one due today.

Good night to be snuggled up with a cup of tea and good book.

Lots of ducklings quacking around work at the moment. A creek runs alongside the old school and we have a permanent collection of ducks and drakes - and in spring, cute widdle fluffy ducks. Hope they are tucked up in the reeds tonight...

Now, where did I put those little quackers?


  1. Well it is Windy Wellington! Love the photo caption ;-) Take care. You're invited to join us for Good Food Month lunch on Wednesday this week. Jude

  2. Today! I am there in spirit. Just had a snickers (which doesn't count as 'good' food, but it sure was yummy).

  3. The usual cast was present - Colleen, Cath, Cathy and Jude. Beppis was fabulous offering lots of inclusions to the good service and set menu - appetisers, breads, hors d'ouvres, chocolates, biscuits, and limoncello! Gotta go back there.

  4. ... when you're in town next :-)