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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I can confirm - the earth isn't flet

Wellington harbour from halfway
up Mt. Kaukau


  1. Good morning my darling girls...what great photos!! Gosh that poor tree :( I always feel sad when I see big trees felled over...Mishy your bread making is reaching new heights...that little loaf looks amazing and delicious!

    Carol you poor thing..but you are no doubt becoming quite creative!!Life here is same as usual...spring is everywhere at home and I must say if it wasnt for the pollen..quite heavenly!! Hope you are well and truly over your cold Mish and you are counting down the days till the concrete is off your armies!! Lots of love girls...missing you as usual!! Love Merran xxx

    1. A chilly good morning to you too hun! Its turned froze here with a Sunday southerly - all the more chilly in contrast to yesterday's still warm and sunny Saturday.
      I'm so glad you liked my photos - Carol and her clunky arms pricked me into action on the blog front. Cheers from both of us-I envy you the beautifle spring blossom in your part of paradise.xxMischa