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Sunday, August 4, 2013

The albatross of a plaster cast on your arm

Motorcycle crash.  Rear ended a car and wrists took the impact. Didn't come off, arse has gone up in air and straight down again, so I was still sitting on the bike. Broke the wrist bone most likely to break, apparently that's a wee bone called the scaphoid, and am typing this creatively. The other wrist is going a lovely shade of yellow so that's good. Got that braced with a metal thing in a wrist grip, very good. Unlike the archaic weight on the right arm. Wish that NZ guy who's invented a sexy mesh broken bone holder had invented same a few years back - so we'd be past prototype stage and I'd be wearing that. This thing is...aaaargh. Am stuck with the albatross for 4-6 weeks. Other bruised hand is getting weary doing everything...


Mish is in Sydney so she has left me with loose jar tops and food in fridge and lots of lovey notes. Can't drive so she had to take herself to airport this morning pre dawn.

Am amusing myself with movies and studying a course in e-learning that I'd just started via work. Luckily - it's e-learning! So I can do the lot at the kitchen table (with my cunning arm swivel invention). Hopefully back at work late next week, in taxis paid for by NZ's accident compensation scheme. Remains to be seen. If I could cross any fingers for that, I would.


  1. Oh Carol!!! Thats such a bugger!! What bad timing and all on your own!! That'll teach you to not come to OZ as well...well thank goodness it wasnt anything else that got your neck!! Hope you feel better soon my darling friend and am really looking forward to catching up on all the news when I see Mishy next weekend..lots of love Merran xxx

  2. Hello m'dear, yes, the arms are weary but the neck is sound. Mum is spending a few nights and she has just made breakfast - yay!