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Sunday, July 14, 2013

We're getting hammered again

That southerly is shaking the house in another storm; gale winds, sleet - it's winter in the roaring forties!

We braved it today and went out to an Andy Warhol exhibition at Te Papa. A lot of Wellington was there - no staying home for us, people just carry on in foul weather. This storm isn't as bad as the biggie a couple of weeks back. At least we didn't see anyone in shorts today (unusual). Gusts moved the van around a lot on the way in and out of town - quite exciting. The van catches the wind like a sail.

The Warhol was pretty good: all portraits and early sketches. A couple of weeks back we were strolling the waterfront and had a Warhol style shot taken in a photo booth, which was then projected onto a Te Papa wall; we got the postcard and Mish got a shot of the projection (she's looking for it in her camera as I type).

We had a late tapas lunch in the city, walked up bleak Courteney Place, heads down, then headed home. The harbour was so wild we drove past our turn off and through to Petone to get a blast from the surf storm. There's a cafe on the beach with a big view of  the harbour, so we had a luscious hot choc there and admired the storm for a bit.

Then out into it again, and buffeted all the way home.

Matiu/Somes in choppy Wellington Harbour today.

Mish has (finally) found the projected image of C et moi projected on the facade of Te Papa , so here's a photo of our 15 minutes of fame to mis-quote AndyW (well, 5 minutes actually - we live in a fast paced world now) . When we went into the booth we stuck our tongues out, so we got this daggy image. Who's dumb idea was that?! Hmmm let me guess....

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  1. Oh my goodness ghastly!! Am amazed you are actually still alive..those are mighty scary wind speeds!! Sorry have been offline a hols over here and Miss Bella required a taxi service for almost all two weeks of the school hols as she attended extra classes.. I LOVE the Warhol exhibit pics of you both what fun!! and as for the living room rug FANTASTIC...I cant wait to be able to see it in the flesh lol...keep warm and safe my darling girls xxx Lots of love Merran