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Friday, July 19, 2013

NZ day: shakes and a hongi

Ramere! (Friday)
We've had a good shake today, 5.7 and 25km down, centred just across Cook Strait. I was at work talking to a pal in her office and the two of us froze (there's the freezers and the runners, brother Greg's theory of earthquakes). We got talking to another woman a few minutes after and she'd been on the phone to her father in Otaki during the quake, so we got the fascinating info that he got the shakes 30 seconds after us (Otaki is about 60km north of here). Ripples up the island.
Mish was here reading the paper and our painter (yes he is still here) was up a ladder, so we have wavy bits on the window frames. Mum heard it rumbling up her hill like a heavy truck.
Had a reasonable jolt this afternoon too, so the earth she is amovin'.
Apart from that, what a gorgeous, spring-like day it has been. Warm and calm.
My work singing group had a gig this morning at a formal welcome for some government people who were onsite for the day. There was oratory, we sang, they sang, then we all hongied! The hongi is the traditional Maori greeting, foreheads and noses touching -my first time in a real context (very closely followed by an earthquake), wow, what a morning.
Don, our window painter, is working around foul weather on our exposed site, so he is moving slowly. He's put a coat of gloss on late this afternoon, so we are here tonight with windows and back door open. Thank the Lord Harry 'tis a nice night; a light breeze and currently 14 in the living room. Mish has gone out to get us some nourishing curry, I've got the mulled wine mulling, and we'll have the windows open all night. Warming up the 'dining room' with candles (sort of).

A red admiral butterfly, supposed to be hibernating in winter, having a rest on the house late this afternoon. Probably thrown by today's warmth, she's come out for a look - hope she lasts the night.

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