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Thursday, July 4, 2013

A very calm Thursday night

So calm in fact that we took our blokes outside and had evening drinks on the deck: me with Mac (a lovely dark local beer) and Mish with Ned (a crisp Marlborough sauvignon). Breathless outside. Pretty cool though. Was inspired then to get out the SLR and tripod and set it up by the front door to experiment with some shots of planes coming and going at the airport. The harbour was still and nicely reflective. Still experimenting, but here's one.

The plane is landing from the south. The blob of light under it is the reflection on Cook Strait on the far side of the runway. The streak in front is the plane's headlights reflecting off Evans Bay. The hill in front right is still undeveloped - it's had the go ahead for 40 houses, but at the moment we look at one house and a nice green hill. Much discussion in Wellington at the moment about a runway extension, so we can catch international flights to more places than Oz. The favoured option  is another 300 metres into Evans Bay -it will most likely happen too, just a question of figuring out the engineering really.

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