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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday walk to Point Dorset

Point Dorset is at Wellington's harbour entrance (what Sydneysiders would call South Head, so don't have US on about south and north islands haha). West Australia (had to get that one in tooooo). SA.

Somebody stop me. NT.

Ahem. 'Twas a lovely day, cool and sunny, so we packed a flask of coffee and fruit and cameras and drove across town to Seatoun, and walked around the coast there. Checked out storm damage, everyone facing south has been sand blasted, there are big drifts over all the roads and the beaches are chokka with seaweed, ripped up and tossed out. Lots of bulldozed tree piles still waiting for pick up.

Scrambled over rocks, Mish made me climb a cliff cause the tide was in at the point, and we had to do that to get around to the beach, or go back. Crawled up and sideways over, quite ungainly. But made it without cracking our heads, and jumped onto a gravelly beach full of Wellington's monster seaweed from the kelp forest just offshore. Wandered along beach and up a track to concrete gun embankments all ready for the Japanese invasion. Great view of the Kaikouras along the coast of the South Island, covered in snow and looking mighty chilly across the water.

Drove around the coast to an Island Bay cafe, then into the city for an hour of recycled clothing shopping up Cuba St, and home we find we have no water. Hmmm. Talked to a couple of neighbours, and we're all H20 free zones. We're using our earthquake supplies (due for refreshing anyway) and watching Twitter where the council are keeping us well informed. There's a broken main in Newlands and we should have water in an hour or so. Go Twitter! We've got Twitter accounts: I'm @editlookout and Mish can't remember, and that tells you which one is worth a look.

There goes another weekend.

Part of the artistic waka (canoe) at Point Dorset.
 This is a pa site (Maori village) and there are lots of info stands around it telling people what's what.

Mish with a seaweed skull cap. Point Dorset on the left.

Kelp, and still more kelp.

And some gorgeous multi-hued seaweed, tossed up. 
Looks edible we thought.

Looking south to the Kaikouras across Cook Strait.

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  1. Ain't it good to be able to venture outdoors again, the weather having improved. Have fun with Twitter.