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Sunday, April 7, 2013

There goes our balmy autumn...

...replaced by a cold southerly with pathetic showers, a bit here a bit there. Cranked up the gas heaters last night. Out of daylight saving today, like Oz, and having a working at home weekend.

Mish has been path landscaping: measuring (her favourite thing), banging in bits of wood edging,  laying weed matt, and digging out the path from back door to the steps going down to the bottom of the yard. All is now in place for the crushed concrete being delivered on Tuesday. That's in keeping with our recycling rubble theme, as the path abuts the rubble filled gabions. We'll have to barrow the crushed concrete (gravel size) from where the truck dumps it, and shovel it in, but we do save on gym fees.

I'm fixing the motorbike's petrol tank this weekend. It was full of rust flecks - no wonder I couldn't roar away at the lights - but it aint now! Have cleaned, etched, and am now sealing tank interior. Quite a process, e.g. an hour to do the cleansing process and a week to get the nuts and bolts out of the tank. Great idea for scouring - hmmm, if I ever do this again those nuts and bolts will be linked on a wire, so when you get one you get all the little buggers. Can't believe how convoluted it is inside that tank, and how they just wouldn't fall out.

Am up to the sealing part and that's rolling and rolling and rolling that tank. Having a roll break to get a coffee and do this blog entry, then back down to the shed and more rolllllllllllling. Then she has to cure for the rest of the week.

Mish just home from the veg market. We bought ourselves a slow cooker last week and are having food fun with that. It's sure cool enough now for soups and stews.

Dad news - thanks all for your lovely kind thoughts. He is still doing well, and will be off to  anew abode this week. That will be interesting, fingers crossed, - he is going to be confused,  but it will give my fabulous mother a much needed rest. All good.

 Looking west; the concrete is the existing path to the back door.

Looking north, house on the right. 

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