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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Backyard construction

Mish has been madly constructing a large planter box next to the deck: saw saw hack hammer saw hammer. Some soil goes in there tomorrow; planting by the next full moon. We've finished the path alongside the gabion wall - much wheelbarrowing from the pile at the top of the driveway - and it is a complementary crushed concrete creation that mimics the industrial rubble of the gabions. Now we're having a play with some metal artwork placed in the concrete/gravel mix.

Set out for a cycle today, but got the bikes out at the beach and promptly let all the air out of one of the tyres. Might have pinched the tube trying to pump it up. Bummer. Chucked the bikes back in the van and went for a nice long slow walk along Paekakariki Beach, picking up interesting driftwood pieces that look like fish (a new art theme at Newlands). Lots of dogs running around in the surf and up and down the sand chasing balls and sticks and generally having a fabulous dog time, loose at the beach.

Dinner in town and home by nine with a cup of tea. Motorbike running beautifully; dad ensconced in a sad ole nursing home (coming to terms with that); heavy rain forecast; work going well; weather warmly autumnal.

Kapiti Island from Paekakariki Beach

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