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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April (no showers)

Well, dad is rallying. The docs are very surprised. Is it family close by, photos on the walls, music in the room? Who knows, but his 'last day' has come and gone, and now he is sitting up, eating, walking a bit, and occasionally talking sense. He has his sense of humour (never lost it), knows us (most of the time), and is in no pain. Docs are now going, hmmm, lets play his medication (multiple pills there).

He can't go home - he's too frail for mum to look after now - so we'll be talking respite care this week, and he will go on for a while longer. We've got our dad back for  a bit.

Mish and I are heading off into the city to have a cafe/shoes/bookshop moment. I have an extra Easter day off, thank you polytech!


  1. Good on your Dad! There's some more life to be lived. Jude

  2. Hello my darling soo glad to hear that your dad is rallying Carol...such great news for your family. My love and thoughts are with you! Sorry no rain news..surely soon! xxx Merran