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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Autumn evening postscript

We've been entertained this evening by the two liners leaving (see entry below). Celebrity Solstice steamed away ok; Queen Mary 2 didn't. She was about 20 minutes behind, but got to a point in the harbour below us, stopped, then turned very slowly 360 degrees before slowly resuming the journey out of the harbour. What was THAT all about?

Meanwhile, Mish found a gorgeous stick insect just before she was about to squash it in the door, so we moved that. Then she dished up a delicious carbonara with one of our plump courgettes, and we scoffed it standing in the living room taking turns watching through the telescope and wondering what was happening on the bridge. That was an hour ago and QM2 is now leaving the harbour, bathed in a lovely sunset, all lights blazing and looking pretty as a picture. Actually, she's moving pretty slowly. Amused ourselves by channelling the rich passengers on the Celebrity Solstice - where there's one crew member for every two passengers - imagining them looking back at the obviously stranded QM2 and saying 'that's why we pay the big bucks - so long suckers!'

Here's the two ships, as seen from our front porch. QM2 is coming sloooooowly around and, in the distance, the celebrities are about to leave the harbour.

Am commuting on the motorbike in this fab weather and enjoying going to work and being at work! They're giving me a week of meeting people and finding my feet and playing on the intranet - including a free yoga class tomorrow - so am being eased into editing.

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