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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday evening rain

Whoever would have thought we'd be hanging out to see rain falling in Wellington? We've got more than a few drops today and that's great. We've been collecting it in buckets from the sawed drainpipe. Months ago we did a blog entry about a bird we thought we were hearing in a downpipe - so we sawed the downpipe - but the bird was actually in the wall of the house. Anyway, we never got around to gumming the plastic pipes back together, so now we've swung the bottom bit out and put a monster bucket under it and voila! Instant rain water tank, a la Robertson.

Had a lovely day yesterday, hanging out with bro Cliff and family, and then we had a walk over at Seatoun, at the entrance to Wellington harbour. Tres scenic. The wind was a blowing' and the kite surfers, wind surfers and yachties were out having a fab time.

Today wasn't so brilliant -spent a couple of hours in a medical centre trying to get rid of a blasted hair poking my eyeball. The doc got a few, but not the pokiest one - Dr Mish got it though! We're now equipped with a headband light & magnifier & top of the range tweezers, and Dr Mish's steady hand saved the day. She's great with splinters too.

Seatoun. The Pacific Dawn heading out; windsurfers practising turns right up to the beach.

Kite surfers flying

So, that's the weekend then...

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  1. Best wishes for an end to the drought! Jude