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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liners in - 8000 visitors guzzling our dwindling water..

Wellington's waterfront is extra chokkas today - we've got 3 cruise ships here. We actually admired the pretty blue lights and relatively sleek lines of the 'Celebrity Solstice' as she glided into the harbour at first light.

In her wake trailed a much more old fashioned looking liner (in our 'umble non-nautical opinion) which turned out to be the Queen Mary 2. At 345m she's a big mother - apparently the longest liner  docked here so far. A German explorer vessel with a tiddly 200 on board completes the trifecta - so about 8000 bods are enjoying the stillest and sunniest of Wellington days - I hope they know they've hit the weather jackpot!

Talking of records, I'm sure all our Oz family and friends will appreciate the irony of our weird weather at the moment - I know its been wet wet wet in Sydney town and here its dry dry dry... Front page of the Dominion Post today is 'The big dry: just 20 days of water left'. We've had no rain for a month and Wellington's water supply is at crisis level.

Can you guys send us over a spare drop or two of yours!!?? M

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  1. Hi there girls...seems incredible to me that NZ would have water shortages...its such a verdant isle!! but I guess you do! Am sending dark grey cloud thoughts your way, will do a bit of praying for you as well!! Can't promise anything though :) Had my Hannah in hospital last week with a burst appendix..poor little girl was so sick, she's up and about today though..had enough of my kids being in hospital! Carolski...congratulations a REAL wonderful!! Sorry about the kitchen thing Mishy...your job is out there somewhere!! Loved the photos of the beautiful..and the family too! Until last weekend it had rained for 20 days straight..not wanting to rub it in or anything but seriously enough already...I had mould in my wardrobe..first time ever! It was so awful the ground just couldnt take any more but then fortunately the sun came long last. Missing you both as always..Love Merran xxx