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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend in the Waiarapa

Lakes Ferry, Onoke and Waiarapa are at the bottom of the North Island, around the eastern side of the harbour. As the crow flies, it's only about 40km from here, but there's no direct road - too mountainous -  so over the hill to Wairarapa we drove in the van, then down to the coast.

It was a great weekend away. Close enough, a pleasant drive with a bit of shopping in Featherston and Greytown, and lots of beach fossicking.

Lake Onoke, view from our camp site. Van very comfortable!

Mish at the garden of Lake Ferry Hotel, waiting for dinner and sunset.

Ocean Beach, looking for (and finding) interesting rocks. Also driftwood and katipo spiders (NZ's only poisonous biter, and not a dangerous archnid - unlike a certain other place...)

Getting sunburnt and not knowing it. Man it was hot.

View from the van at camp site. Self inflating mattress, what a gift to car camping they are.

Dinner at the Lake Ferry Hotel, very nice. From the garden, we watched the sun setting behind the South Island Kaikouras over Cook Strait.

Where Lake Onoke meets the sea; hangout place of gulls and seals and big kahawai (fish). This seal is just about to dive in  for dinner in the wash and the other one kept sleeping. She had to keep moving up as the tide came in. Begrudgingly.


  1. Thanks for sharing the visions of a great mini trip. Jude

  2. Always a pleasure! The katipo was too fast for me though.

  3. So long as you are too fast for the katipo, though. Jude

  4. Oh girls...what a fabulous looking place! I just loved it! Merran x

    1. Glad you like! My hilight was the sealsxM